Our Story

Shoppertise is a Marketing Technology (MarTech) company, building digital and mobile-first platforms for Brands in Asia. We are here to empower Brands with the right tools to realise the full potential of marketing and technology through customer behavioural data.

From integrating offline-to-online (O2O) platforms, to building brand loyalty by capturing and tracking detailed user behaviour to identify valuable insights to inform their marketing strategies, leading to increased sales and smarter marketing spend; big and small Brands alike are able to optimise their operations with us on the go.

In fact, brands like myBurgerLab, AirAsia BIG Loyalty, Outletz Indonesia and hundreds more have experienced success using our products and services in the rapidly changing digital commerce landscape.

Excerpt: Brands with Shoppertise have reported an average GMV RM 7 million monthly.

The company started in 2014 and is still 100% founder-managed and both are practicing Full-stack Software Engineer and UX /CX Strategist respectively. With offices in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, we are ready to take you on a journey to the deep end of mobile, marketing and technology.

Shoppertise Team
Shoppertise Team
Shoppertise Team
Shoppertise Team
Shoppertise Team
Shoppertise Team
Shoppertise Team

Our Team

Shoppertise is a tight-knit family of innovative designers and creative engineers. We are data-driven, collaborative, and use our collective experience, design and technical expertise to create effective and scalable platforms to drive business growth. We embrace new challenges with an open heart, a hunger to learn, and a passion for solving problems as a team.

  • CK Yap, Technical Founder

    CK Yap

    Co-founder, Chief Technologist, Customer Service

    CK is the leader of the pack. He is a Full-stack Software Engineer and Sun Certified Java Programmer; just the sort of chops needed to build a strong foundation for Shoppertise. CK looks beyond technology when crafting a solution, always seeking to solve user problems in real-life scenarios. A geek at heart, CK believes in creating a wonderful user experience from start to finish. As the Chief Technologist, he leads at the intersection of design and technology for our clients.

  • Christine Liew, Creative Founder

    Christine Liew

    Co-founder, Chief UX/CX Strategist, Customer Service

    Christine is the UX/CX Specialist who ensures that Shoppertise is mobile first, and user-friendly from the ground up. By marrying art and science together, she makes beautiful apps and websites that are intuitive and easy to use. After more than 14 years of building world-class brands within the digital advertising industry, and refining her business acumen in the exciting world of mobile payment solutions, she is now channeling her knowledge to her passion — supporting and growing local businesses. Christine oversees most of the business development at Shoppertise, and is responsible for closing new business, with an average engagement size of over RM150,000.

  • Boey Jion, Senior Software Engineer

    Boey Jion

    Senior Software Engineer

    There's more to Boey than meets the eye. Her soft-spoken demeanour belies her excellent Java programming skills, honed to perfection through years of experience developing insurance and banking solutions. She's a reliable team player and go-getter, a boost to the team in every way.

  • Azli Abdullah, Senior Software Engineer

    Azli Abdullah

    Senior Software Engineer

    Azli was trained as an electrical engineer. But today, he is an experienced Java backend software engineer and a lover of Spring framework family. He brings a fresh perspective to daily technical and business challenges. And set high expectations of his teammates especially in code structure, quality, process and latest technologies to solve real world problems.

  • Faris Azzam, Associate Software Engineer

    Faris Azzam

    Associate Software Engineer

    Azzam is a fast learner with good business sense, navigating between the world of mobile apps and web programming front-end solutions with ease.

  • Danson Ng, Associate Software Engineer

    Danson Ng

    Associate Software Engineer

    Danson equips himself with determination and calm when dealing with his tasks. His can-do attitude sees him navigating between the world of programming front-end and back-end solutions with gusto.

  • Woon Loong, Creative Technologist

    Woon Loong

    Creative Technologist

    Woon Loong is a rare hybrid web developer who has mastered UX design, while specialising in AngularJS, Jquery, Bootstrap framework and HTML5. If that doesn't impress you, his passion for online shopping will win you over -- there's a parcel delivery for him almost every day! A keen problem solver, he knows his way around code just as well as the best coffee and baked goods in town. (Hint: he makes them.)

  • Caroline Liew, Community Manager

    Caroline Liew

    Data Analyst, Marketing Strategist, Customer Service

    Caroline truly embodies the happy-go-lucky spirit, always smiling, and looking for solutions even when faced with demanding clients and users 24/7. Curiosity got her started but it’s her interest in innovation that has kept her here. Caroline's daily motivation is to build meaningful relationships with our users, helping them get the most out of our tools and explore new ways to use our platform to grow their business. She believes that true happiness comes from collaborating with creative people to make amazing things happen.

  • Joanne Chow, Content Strategist

    Joanne Chow

    Content Strategist

    Joanne has clocked over a decade in the marketing and advertising industry, amassing a smorgasbord of skills like copywriting, communication strategy and pumping out presentation decks on-demand. Organic food, natural skincare products and socially sound business practices keeps her centered and inspired. Although Joanne resides in a different timezone, she finds great satisfaction in being a part of a team that is determined to have fun while chasing dreams.