• [Bundle] Soda Siphon + Banana Syrup
  • [Bundle] Soda Siphon + Banana Syrup
  • [Bundle] Soda Siphon + Banana Syrup

RM 588.60

[Bundle] Soda Siphon + Banana Syrup

This special bundle includes an iSi Soda Siphon and a bottle of DaVinci Banana Classic Syrup.

Soda Siphon (RM575):
A stylish accessory for refreshing, sparkling soda water in no time.

- High-quality aluminium bottle (1 litre) with a varnished finish
- Ergonomic charger holder with non-slip silicone grip.
- Measuring tube to prevent overfilling.
- Pressure control valve for maximum comfort and safety.
- Siphon head with integrated safety valve
- No electricity or batteries required.
- Each iSi Soda Charger is good for one-time use only and is available for purchase separately.

What's in the box:
- 1 x aluminium bottle (1 litre)
- 1 x charger holder
- 1 x siphon head
- 1 x measuring tube & key
- 1 x riser tube with gasket

DaVinci Banana Classic Syrup (750ml) (RM42)

Kindly allow for 5-10 business days from the date of purchase to ship.

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